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Who We Are

Roof cleaning and scheduled maintenance has declined across the state in recent years, contributing to increased roofing costs for homeowners in Oregon. Our team is dedicated to extending the life of your roof, with same day results! Let us worry about the upkeep and well-being of your roof so you don't have to, we're invested in ensuring the safety of your family, helping avoid expensive repairs, and increasing your property values. Customer satisfaction is our top priority! 

Moss Extraction


Our moss extraction process involves gently removing surface moss from your roof, applying a specialized treatment that penetrates the shingle crevices, bagging all the debris we've collected. The result is a rejuvenated roof, making it look as good as new!

Debris Removal


If your roof doesn't have visible moss on it, that doesn't mean that treatment isn't necessary. In the Pacific Northwest, moss is aggressive and will damage your roof if left untreated which is hazardous and expensive! To prevent this, a specialized treatment is recommended at least once a year to protect your family and save you money.

Gutter Cleaning


Keeping your gutters cleaned is a primary source of protection for your houses integrity. Gutters transport water away from your home to prevent uneven ground and protect your foundation.  

Tree Pruning


Pruning your trees prevents damage to your roof, debris collecting inside the gutters, and shade allowing moss to grow. We collect all of the branches we trim so you don't have to!

Window Cleaning


Cleaning the grime off of your windows prevents build up which will damage the seals around the frame and allow moisture to seep in.

Pressure Washing


Concrete is porous, and over time collects dirt which not only takes away the color, but allows organic growths to damage your concrete over time.

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